Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Awakening

For anyone unaware, I'm obsessed with shoes. Pretty shoes, ugly shoes, black shoes, floral shoes, shoes that kill my feet, shoes that make my feet feel reborn. On my birthday this past January, my gift to myself was my 100th pair.
So by now, if you don't understand that I'm infatuated with shoes, you need to have your pulse checked.
One of my favorite shoe companies as of late is 80%20 Shoes, a fairly new company that distributes to its sellers (REVOLVE, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie,, ModCloth, etc.). 80%20's philosophy is great and anyone can relate to it. "We tend to wear out favorite 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. The smallest percentage has the greatest impact". Couldn't be more true. And if you check out the collection, you'll soon realize that all of 80%20's shoes have the potential to be your favorite shoes. Sick, isn't it?
Here were my favorites from the Spring 2010 Collection.

(Click to enlarge)

My favorites are thet Marlee Tea Party, Black Floral (5). I love the use of different fabrics and textures on the shoes. The contrast is beautiful and it eases us into Spring with the punchy florals, yet eases us out of Winter by keeping the leather and suede touches.
Plus, the designs are telling us that ankle boots are still going to be in style for Spring (and maybe even Summer), so I'm happy.

Enjoy 80%20!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Single Wash $1.25

Due to the Winter Wonderland covering NYC today, I had to resort to taking pictures in my dorm's laundry room. And, even though the lighting wasn't spectacular, the pictures came out pretty well. And the comedy of the laundry room didn't hurt, either.

Trying to climb into the front-loader foot first.

Blue scarf, button down, and leggings (Forever21), Blazer (Coldwater Creek), Boots (Bass), Shorts (Unknown).
And yes, I know you're thinking "WTF Mate, my mom shops at Coldwater Creek!". Yes, so does my mom. We go together. It's cute. And they're great for some classics, such as this blazer. Plus, I'm a grandmother at heart, so don't hate on the G-Mas.

I love the angles created in this picture.

And here's my favorite from the day.
Special thanks to Anat's photographin' skills...and for putting up with me hanging upside down.

Stay warm in the snow!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dying to Get My Paws On Some...

And I'm not talking about the trashy, "I just want to flash some of my thunder thigh" tights. I'm talking about the new It item. We all know that tights are the fantastic Recession It Item because of their versatility from season to season and the various kinds of patterns, materials and colors. But now, tights are even making a slight change. A few years ago, black footless leggings were the must-have item for girls across the country. We all own them. Hell, I'm wearing them right now.
But instead of the fashion world completely abandoning tights due to the fact that leggings are a mass fashion now, we're simply ushering in a new silhouette of tights: the thigh highs. Okay, I know they're not "new", but they're cycling back, like every other style under the sun. It's just interesting to see how the tights are shifting from showing off one piece of skin (the ankles and lower-calves) to another piece of skin (the mid-thigh).
Check out the evolution:

From this...

To this!
I love the new change. This pair is from American Apparel ($17).
To get the look right, the thigh highs should be worn with a dress or skirt that hits the thigh a couples of inches above the tights. Don't be a hoe, ladies.
The style is a more risque, fashion-forward schoolgirl. I'm planning on snagging myself a pair (if my anorexicly skinny wallet can stand to lose $17) and wearing them with a button-down shirt and a blazer (sleeves rolled up), and a corduroy skirt that hits about 2 inches higher than the top of the tights.
Check out Urban Outfitters for some other great tights.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monsieur Butterfly

I've mentioned in the past that I used to figure skate. The combination of my past sport and my best friend's suggestion was the inspiration for this post. Oh, plus the fact that we're in the midst of the Olympics (Boo Canada!).
Now, more than most people, I respect the art of figure skating (I HATE ice dancing, but I love me some good figure skating). The strength and perseverance required of the sport are both admirable and inspiring qualities that champion figure skaters must possess.
Some of the less admirable and inspiring qualities? The ridiculous get-ups that male figure skaters wear. Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful! But I just can't help but say "OH COME ON, MAN!" when my eyes fall upon these, to say the least, mockable frocks.
I know you're probably all dying to see some of these absurd costumes, so here you go.
*Please note: When viewing these outfits, it is best not to be eating or drinking anything. Spitting on your computer is unkind, and is not the objective of this post.*

Great sit-spin, not so great costume.

My personal favorite. Wait, what's that? Was this costume inspired by one of Antonio Berardi's looks from London Fashion Week?

Leave it to the runway, boys.

And, of course, I have to leave you with an example of a great, classic men's costume.

Excellent example.

Hope you all enjoy!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy Bee

I apologize for neglecting the Little Black Blog as of late. I've been super busy with classes and my internship. SO, to make up for lost time, I'll blog about what's been keeping me from writing about my one true love: fashion.
First off, the internship! I'm currently interning for Little Lime Dress, an online styling and shopping website. On a daily basis I'll manage Little Lime Dress' social networking, e-mails about partnerships with other companies, blogging (which is why the LBB gets a bit neglected lately), and my FAVORITE part of my job, adding to the website the merchandise we sell!
Little Lime Dress is so great and ALL OF YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT THE SITE because not only do you get amazing merchandise with great prices, a blog that keeps up with fashion week and the latest trends, and online styling, but if you purchase a styling service you get an ACTUAL human being putting together outfits for you, not just a machine!
And read the blog The Juicer here.

Next up, the Fusion Fashion show! I've been volunteering for Fusion since November and the experience has been incredibly enriching. For anyone who doesn't know about Fusion, here's a bit of history for ya.
Every year, FIT and Parsons face off at the Fusion Fashion Show and show their 5 best looks per designer to a packed crowd and a star-studded judging table. Students from each school apply in October with a portfolio of 5 looks they would like to create from start to finish, and the director of Fusion chooses 15 students from each school.
Okay, enough of the boring blah blah blah.
Fusion is going to be CRAZY this year! Obviously I'm rooting for FIT.
Take a gander at this year's designers here.
(And if you want to see me in my shining glory on the Volunteers' page, click here.)
Also, for some intrigue, Teen Vogue and GQ are two of the judges this year.
Finally, I had to go to the MoMA this weekend for a report, and holy cowgrass I LOVED IT!
If you walk in there and you're not inspired by something, shame on you.
Probably my favorite piece was Ingo Maurer's "Porca Misiera!" Chandelier, made in 1994.

Annually, only ten of these are made. The makers build them by dropping plates on the floor or breaking them with hammers, and then they visualize the chandelier's final design. The title "Porca Misiera" is similar to the Italian proclamation "DAMN!".
Well, frankly put, DAMN. This thing is so DAMN cool.
It's inspired me so much that I'm breaking dishes to make a texture for one of my classes. Can't wait to destroy the floor of my dorm with some plates!

I promise I'll try to blog more often, guys!